April 25, 2024

Publications in English

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    [50 days' free access link]

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    [eprint link] (Because the number of free online copies is limited, please do not download multiple copies for your own use.)

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [PDF downloadable]

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    [PDF downloadable]

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    [Manuscript downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]
    * The second photo on p. 593 is a wrong one. The official corrigendum is at the following URL: http://www.deepdyve.com/lp/sage/corrigendum-to-theory-psychology-10-5-2000-LNYPD3Z9iP. Hear are two figures that I sent to the journal: they are very similar in any way.

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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    [A pdf file downloadable here]

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