September 16, 2000

W. Sharrock's visit to Japan in Septermber 2000

Professor Wes Sharrock, a leading Wittgensteinian Ethnomethodologist from the University of Manchester, visited Japan in September 2000 to hold lectures and workshops in Tokyo and Kyoto. (This invitation was funded by Professor Nozomi Ikeya's kakenhi project (Toyo U) and a project of the Institute of Sociology and Social Work at Meiji Gakuin U. It was co-sponsored by the Japanese EMCA Research Group*.)

He presented a new interpretation of Peter Winch's and Thomas Kuhn's work and revealed basic conceptual confusions in which realism, relativism, constructionism etc. are caught up. He also presented one of his "ethnographic" studies.

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Three-day seminar in Tokyo

Lecture in Kyoto

Lecture in Tokyo