June 13, 2002

The 29th Meeting of Mind and Activity

Saturday, June 29, 2002

3:30 pm. - 7:30 pm.
Honkan (Main building)
Room #1555 (on the north wing of the 5th floor)
Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo

At the 29th meeting we will have one presentation and a data session.

  1. Michie Kawashima and Aug Nishizaka
    "And"- and "sorede"-prefacing

    We have been looking at "and"-prefacing of a turn in English conversation and "sorede"-prefacing in Japanese interaction, and are finding that a variety of practices are done through them, not just the well-known practice of sequentially deleting the preceiding turn(s), for instance, but practices of showing the speaker's orientation to particulars of the interaction in vaious ways. Our interest is particularly in how action types, such as request, complaint, storytelling, etc., are accomplished through "and"- or "sorede"-prefecing in ways senstive to particulars of the interaction. We would appreciate any comments.

  2. Data Session

    Tomoyo Takagi will bring her data and their transcript.