November 18, 2000

The 21st Meeting of Mind and Activity

Saturday, November 25, 2000

3:30 pm. - 7:30 pm.
Honkan (Main building)
Room #1506 (on the 5th floor)*
Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo

* The room is on the very opposite side of the floor to the usual one.


Dominic Berducci (Toyama Prefectural University)
Vygotsky via Wittgenstein (part 2)

This will be a continuation of my last presentation. This time I will look more closely at Vygotsky's philosophical background, monism, and its influence on Vygotsky's theory. Technically monism obliterates the distintion between 'inner' and 'outer', yet modern Vygotskian researchers tend to view Vygotsky as oriented towards the 'outer'. I will show that he is equally oriented towards 'inner' life, and so, provides plenty of grist for the Wittgensteinian mill.

Aug Nishizaka (Meiji Gakuin University)
What does psychology deal with actually?

I will present some topics for discussion: - What does psychology of 'recognition' deal with actually;
- What do 'subjects' do actually when they are said to 'recognize' a 3D shape from a 2D image;
- What do psychological explanations in terns of the so-called 'tacit knowledge' do actually;
- What does statistics in psychological explanations do actually;
- etc.