October 22, 2013

Three Data Sessions with Morana Alac

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1:00PM - 6:30PM
Meeting Room at the Meiji Gakuin Institute for Sociology and Social Work*, B1 of the Main Building (Building #1), Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo
* The institute is on Rout 1 (Sakurada Dori). Enter directly from the door on the road near the East Gate of the university) and ask at the reception where the meeting room is.

These sessions are Conversation Analytically oritented. We look together at a brief segment of video recorded interaction at each session and discuss what is observable and describable there -- what the participants are doing, what each turn design contributes to the activity they are engaging in, how non-verbal behavior is structured relative to talk and the environment, etc. etc. We also try to ground these observations on the data adequately.


We plan to hold three sessions.

1:00 PM: First Session
Morana Alac* will provide data, together with some observations and discussions.

3:00 PM: Second Session
Morana Alac* will provide data.

5:00 PM: Third Session
Satomi Kuroshima will provide data.

*Morana Alac is an associate professor in Communication and Science Studies at UC San Diego, and the author of Handling Digital Brains (MIT Press, 2011). The book is very interesting; it analyzes various ethnomethodological phenomena related to brain researches with fMRI, adopting conversation analysis and Eco's semiotics.